The Mother Reading Savitri - Book VIII

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    Book VIII    The Book of Death  
    Canto III Death in the Forest  
 Then silently she rose and, service done  12' 08"  15.1 Mb
 At last she came to the pale mother queen  10' 07"  12.3 Mb
 Then the doomed husband and the woman who knew  8' 02"  11.2 Mb
 But Satyavan had paused. He meant to finish  8' 40"  9.7 Mb
 But as he worked, his doom upon him came  10' 17"  12.3 Mb
 Then Savitri sat under branches wide  11' 20"  14.7 Mb
 And even as her pallid lips pressed his  11' 59"  14.1 Mb