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Savitri the Poem

Welcome to our Savitri website first launched in honor of Sri Aurobindo's birthday, August 15, 2000, with the permission of the Sri Aurobindo Trust. Savitri is the greatest epic the world has ever received. It is, as Sri Aurobindo writes, "A legend and a symbol", a poem of such beauty and power that its mantric lines, if read without the intervening mind, will take you deep within, touching your soul.

The tale of Savitri is well known to most Indian readers but the 'symbol' is the story of Divine Love conquering death and issuing in a force on earth leading to the formation of a new world and the changing of this human life to a life Divine. The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram has written extensively on the importance of Savitri, on the Integral Yoga and on the Supramental Force that she and Sri Aurobindo have brought down to transform the earth.

You may read more about Savitri and the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo on our website, and view nearly 1000 videos of interviews with disciples and devotees, as well as many series such as "Explorations in Savitri" on our YouTube site, Richard Eggenberger

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